ZEROBASEONE Excites Fans with ‘Sun’s Sports Club’ Return, Yu Seungmin Impressed by ‘Table Tennis DNA’

The group ZEROBASEONE has once again delighted fans with their web entertainment show ‘Sun’s Sports Club’.

On the 5th, Studio Horak Horak’s YouTube channel released the third episode of ‘Sun’s Sports Club’, featuring ZEROBASEONE members Seong Hanbin, Kim Jiwung, Jang Hao, Seok Maetuy, Kim Tae Rae, Ricky, Kim Kyubin, Park Geonwook, and Han Yujin.

‘Sun’s Sports Club’ follows ZEROBASEONE as they dive into various sports, aiming to stay active with their global fandom, Zeroz, throughout the summer.

In this episode, Jang Hao, Kim Tae Rae, Ricky, and Kim Kyubin, known for their speed, teamed up for a thrilling table tennis challenge. They received guidance from ‘Table Tennis God’ Yu Seungmin, chairman of the Korea Table Tennis Association, and Olympic gold medalist Yoon Seong-bin, who provided strong support.

Yu Seungmin personally demonstrated racket grips and basic techniques, while the members showcased their quick learning abilities, dubbed their ‘table tennis DNA’. Kim Kyubin particularly impressed Yu Seungmin with his exceptional skills, delivering an outstanding performance.

The episode featured intense matches, highlighting Ricky’s competitive edge, Jang Hao‘s dynamic serves, and Kim Tae Rae‘s impressive flexibility. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next episode, where Sports Director Kim Jiwung will lead another group, including Seong Hanbin, Seok Maetuy, Park Geonwook, and Han Yujin, in a boxing challenge.

‘Sun’s Sports Club’, featuring ZEROBASEONE, airs new episodes every Friday at 7 PM on Studio Horak Horak’s YouTube channel.

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