Wi Ha Joon Talks About ‘Sexy’ Label from ‘Squid Game’ and Hints at Melo Sexy?

Actor Wi Ha Joon opened up about the ‘sexy’ label he gained from his role.

On the 5th, during an interview after wrapping up the tvN weekend drama ‘The Midnight Romance In Hagwon’, Wi Ha Joon shared thoughts at a café in Gangnam, Seoul, especially thanking Jung Ryeo Won for making his acting comfortable.

Addressing the ‘sexy’ tag from ‘Squid Game’, Wi Ha Joon remarked, “I think it was just a passing phase. There are so many talented actors globally, so I haven’t focused on popularity for a while. I didn’t pursue it then, and I’m not seeking it now.”

Looking ahead to ‘Squid Game’ Season 2 later this year, he added confidently, “I don’t feel pressured. I look forward to meeting fans again through ‘Squid Game 2‘. I filmed with the mindset of greeting everyone again after three years, so I hope they welcome me warmly.”

Discussing nicknames he enjoys or hopes to gain, he mentioned, “Wando sexy? Because I’m from Wando. It started as a playful nickname, but I take it as a nice compliment. It’s a playful joke, but I live with the mindset of ‘Yes, I’m cool,’ ‘I’m sexy.’ I might be the sexiest guy in Wando.”

Reflecting on his character in ‘The Midnight Romance In Hagwon‘, he mused, “‘Younger man sexy’ for Jun-ho. He was a bit rough, like an unpredictable guy, so maybe ‘reckless sexy.’ Or I’d like to be known as melo sexy.”

Wi Ha Joon also emphasized, “While appearance matters, inner qualities are crucial. As I grow older, my inner self matures, which changes things. It depends on how you live your life and treat others. Sexy is a mindset.”

Meanwhile, Wi Ha Joon is planning his next project post-‘The Midnight Romance In Hagwon‘ and will embark on a fan meeting tour across five Asian cities starting in August, including Seoul, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

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