Wi Ha Joon and Park Sung Hoon Share a Heartwarming Reunion Photo

Actor Wi Ha Joon delighted fans with a heartwarming photo featuring Park Sung Hoon.

On the afternoon of the 6th, Wi Ha Joon took to Instagram to share several photos, accompanied by a promotional caption.

In the snapshots, Wi Ha Joon showcases his lively and unique charm, radiating charisma. His tall stature, sharp features, and bright smile are sure to bring a grin to anyone’s face.

The standout photo is one where he stands shoulder to shoulder with fellow actor Park Sung Hoon, both looking directly at the camera.

The duo previously starred together in the movie ‘Gonjiam’. Since then, both have soared in popularity thanks to their respective dramas, and it’s heartwarming to see their friendship still going strong.

Recently, Wi Ha Joon teamed up with Ryeo-won in the drama ‘The Midnight Romance In Hagwon’, which just wrapped up.



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