Lee Jeong Eun Transforms into APINK Member for Surprise Performance in ‘Miss Night and Day’

Lee Jeong Eun, known for her role in ‘Miss Night and Day,‘ takes on the persona of APINK‘s Seo Han Ji.

In the latest episode of JTBC’s weekend drama airing on July 6th, Lee Jeong Eun‘s character, senior intern Im Soon, steals the show at Seo Han Ji‘s office dinner with her charming dance moves.

Im Soon has become a standout intern at Seo Han Ji‘s office, praised for her impressive skills like lightning-fast document processing, coding, Excel mastery, and even deciphering MZ slang. Her dedication to following instructions and strict adherence to office hours have earned her the admiration of everyone at the company.

At the office dinner, Im Soon dazzles with her dance skills to popular girl group music, igniting the atmosphere with her idol-worthy performance, as seen in released photos.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the unexpected joint performance between Im Soon, played by Lee Jeong Eun, and main character Im Mi-jin, portrayed by Jung Eun Ji. The synchronized choreography on stage by Lee Jeong Eun and Jung Eun Ji promises a memorable team performance in episode 7 of ‘Miss Night and Day,’ showcasing their passion and hard work.

‘Miss Night and Day’ airs every Saturday at 10:30 PM KST.

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