Jeon Mi Do Praises Ji Sung: “My Husband Can’t Even Compare, It’s Almost Religious”

On July 5th, Jeon Mi Do shared some sweet words about Ji Sung. She said, “My husband can’t even hold a candle to him.”

A video titled “Sizzling Talk with Perfect Actors Deeply Entwined with Ji Sung was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Channel Fifteen Nights.’ In the video, Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do, who both star in the drama ‘Connection,’ had a heartwarming chat.

Ji Sung shared, “I love eating. The best thing with Bo-young is finding yummy food. After having kids, I cook more. Our kids are 9 and 5 years old now,” he added, “I can’t diet. I cook for the kids and sometimes for myself. When I eat, I can’t waste food, so I finish the leftovers.”

He continued, “I sleep at the foot of the bed with my wife and kids. That’s just who I am.” Ji Sung also told a cute story about his daughter, “My daughter likes to be with popular friends. Once, I used soap bubbles to help her join in. When the kids saw the bubbles, they all came running,” he laughed.

PD Na Young-seok joked with Jeon Mi Do, “Do you compare your husband to Ji Sung?” Ji Sung added, “She has a great relationship with her husband. It’s nice to see the love she gets, and she has a lovely energy at work.”

Jeon Mi Do replied, “My husband is very kind too. But when I hear about Ji Sung, I go home and say, ‘Ji Sung is like this.’ My husband is domestic, but he can’t compare to Ji Sung,” she praised. “Once, I was having a meal with actors Yoon Na-moo and Jung Soon-won, and Ji Sung’s name came up. It’s rare to hear anything bad about him; it’s almost religious. He is exemplary in every way.”

Ji Sung humbly responded, “I’m not exemplary; I just try harder because I have many flaws.”

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