BTS Jungkook Named ‘The Most Handsome Man in Korea for 2024’, Featured on ‘The Netizens Report’ Cover

BTS member Jungkook has been crowned ‘The Most Handsome Man in Korea for 2024’, solidifying his global fame. Jungkook graces the cover of the July 2024 issue of US magazine ‘The Netizens Report’.

‘The Netizens Report’ praised Jungkook as “a versatile Korean superstar,” declaring, Jungkook‘s title as the most handsome man in Korea highlights his exceptional charm.”

They added,Jungkook mesmerizes with his explosive stage presence, incredible vocals, and gravity-defying dance moves. His charisma, humility, and ability to shine on stage have made him a cultural icon for millions.”

‘The Netizens Report’ also highlighted, “Jungkook‘s influence extends beyond music. His frequent appearances on magazine covers and collaborations with top designers cement his role as a style icon, inspiring fans worldwide.”

Previously, Jungkook graced the cover of the July 2022 issue of ‘The Netizens Report’ as ‘The Most Famous K-pop Idol in the US’, where he was listed simply as ‘Jungkook’, alongside notable figures like Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Hollywood star Kim Kardashian in ‘The Top 50 Most Famous Personalities in the US for 2022’.

Jungkook‘s accolades include topping TC Candler’s ‘2019 World’s Most Handsome Faces Top 100’, being the only Asian to achieve this honor. He also ranked 2nd in TCCAsia’s ‘2018 Asia-Pacific Most Handsome Faces’, and has been featured in global polls such as King Choice’s ‘2022 World’s Most Handsome Men Top 100’ and FANTOO’s ‘2022 First Half Year-End Best Visual – Male’.

Moreover, Jungkook has received international recognition, including being named ‘The Sexiest International Man of 2020’ by ‘People’ magazine, ‘The Sexiest Man Alive 2022’ in the 20s category, and as the representative of ‘The Sexiest 25-year-old Man Worldwide’.

He was also honored as ‘The World’s Sexiest Man’ by ELLE Italy in 2021 and ‘The World’s Sexiest Man in 2020’ by GRAZIA France, distinguishing himself as the sole Asian recipient.

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