‘All-Rounder’ Lee Chan Won to Host KBS Chuseok Special Show ‘Lee Chan-won’s Gift’

Singer Lee Chan Won is set to greet fans with a special solo show this Chuseok holiday.

KBS announced on the 4th that they will be airing ‘Lee Chan-won’s Gift’, a Chuseok special show.

Scheduled to air on September 14th on KBS 2TV, ‘Lee Chan-won’s Gift’ promises to be a heartfelt stage, aiming to thank viewers for their unwavering support for the nation’s ‘Trot Prince’, Lee Chan Won.

From his beginnings on KBS 1TV’s ‘National Singing Contest’ to achieving 3rd place on TV Chosun’s trot competition ‘Mr. Trot’, Lee Chan Won has garnered acclaim.

His second mini-album ‘bright;燦’, released on April 22nd, features songs all composed and written by him, reaching half a million sales on its release day.

Lee Chan Won has also secured first place on terrestrial music broadcasts in multiple locations, showcasing his rising popularity.

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