Son Ye Jin Shares Insights on Motherhood and Marriage to Hyun Bin: “My Life Transformed After Having a Child”

Actress Son Ye Jin revealed how her life has changed since marrying actor Hyun Bin and becoming a mother.

During a press conference at Hyundai Department Store Jungdong Branch in Bucheon, Son Ye Jin discussed being chosen as the main figure for the “Actor Special Exhibition” at the 28th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN).

Son Ye Jin who gave birth to her son in November 2022, shared, “The past two years have been filled with significant events that feel like the end of Chapter 1 in my acting career. Now, as I enter Chapter 2 and participate in this special exhibition at BIFAN, it’s a chance for reflection and renewal. I’m deeply moved by this unique opportunity.”

Reflecting on marriage and motherhood, Son Ye Jin expressed, “For those who have experienced it, marriage and childbirth open up a whole new world. Raising a child for almost two years has taught me to appreciate the simple moments in life. Previously, work consumed me completely, and I struggled to find balance.”

She continued, “These days, seeing my child enjoy a meal of baby food brings immense joy. Knowing that we’ve navigated through the day successfully fills me with happiness. My values have shifted, and I find fulfillment in these everyday moments. Parenting is challenging, but it has also brought a new kind of happiness. I am living a very contented life.”

The “Actor Special Exhibition” titled ‘Unique Son Ye-jin’ will celebrate her 23-year acting journey with events including a commemorative booklet, panel discussions, and a photo exhibition.

The 28th BIFAN is scheduled from the 4th to the 14th across various venues in Bucheon City.

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