Lee Da Eun, Approaching Due Date, Flaunts Plump D-Line at 78kg, “Every Day is Special”

Lee Da Eun, known from ‘Dolsinggles 2’, has given fans an update on her pregnancy and her blossoming figure.

On the 4th, Lee Da Eun shared a selfie and a photo with her daughter Lee Eun. She expressed, “Today, I’m grateful for another day spent with my loving husband, adorable daughter, and our gentle dog. Just having a normal day like any other fills me with gratitude,” and added humorously, “But seriously… my belly seems to bump into things dozens of times a day. It doesn’t mean the second child is coming out soon, right…?ㅋㅋㅋ”

Earlier, Lee Da Eun revealed that she currently weighs 78kg as she approaches her due date, showcasing her glowing complexion.

Lee Da Eun, who rose to fame on MBN’s ‘Dolsinggles 2’, married Yoon Namki and is now eagerly awaiting the arrival of her second child.

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