Kim Woo Seok to Serve as Social Service Agent Due to Health Issues in Military

Musical actor Kim Woo Seok faces a change in military service due to health concerns.

Kim Woo Seok, who joined the Army in April 2023, has been dealing with worsening symptoms from a pre-existing condition of lumbar disc herniation.

His agency, Alien Company, explained on the 5th, “Despite ongoing treatment, his condition has deteriorated to the point where he is unable to carry out daily tasks and training.”

“After a thorough evaluation, the military determined he is unfit for active duty due to medical reasons. Consequently, he has been transferred to serve as a social service agent,” they continued.

Expressing regret, Alien Company stated, Kim Woo Seok is deeply apologetic that he cannot fulfill his military duties in optimal health.”

They assured, “He intends to complete his service to the best of his ability, following guidance from the military service agency.”

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