Kim Jaejoong’s Express Jealousy Over Sister’s Fan Love for Lee Chan Won: “What About Me?”

On ‘New Release Convenience Restaurant,’ Kim Jaejoong gets a surprise when he finds out about his sister’s fan love for Lee Chan Won.

On the July 5th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘New Release Convenience Restaurant’ (shortened to ‘Convenience Restaurant’), Kim Jaejoong, known as the youngest son of a wealthy family, cooks food for his eldest sister, who is 20 years older than him.

He also plans a special surprise for her because she’s a big fan of Lee Chan Won. Kim Jaejoong‘s reaction to his sister’s fangirling is expected to be hilarious.

In the episode, Kim Jaejoong invites his eldest sister to his home. She felt left out earlier when she learned he had made radish salad for his other sisters. To make it up to her, he prepares a full meal, from spicy chicken stew to a sweet fruit dessert.

When his sister arrives, her cheerful and honest personality leads to funny and candid conversations with her brother, bringing lots of laughs.

During their meal, Kim Jaejoong asks his sister, “Who is your favorite singer?” She instantly replies, “ Lee Chan Won!” She excitedly explains why she loves Lee Chan Won, and Kim Jaejoong, surprised by her enthusiasm, jokingly asks, “What about me?” making everyone laugh.

Just then, Kim Jaejoong‘s phone rings. It’s Lee Chan Won calling. Kim Jaejoong had set up this surprise for his sister, who is a huge fan. He carefully asks, “Could you say hello to my sister?” Lee Chan Won politely greets her. Shocked by the unexpected call from her favorite singer, Kim Jaejoong’s sister’s voice starts to tremble.

Seeing his usually cool sister turn into a shy fangirl, Kim Jaejoong is astonished and says, “I’ve never seen you like this before.” Watching the scene in the studio, he reacts with genuine surprise, making everyone burst into laughter.

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