Kim Jaejoong Tops iTunes Rock Charts in 16 Countries, Hits No. 1 on Billboard Japan Downloads

Singer and actor Kim Jaejoong has soared to the top of the iTunes rock charts.

“I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the love and support,” Kim Jaejoong shared.

Celebrating his 20th debut anniversary on June 26, Kim Jaejoong released his fourth full-length album ‘FLOWER GARDEN’ to great success despite a packed schedule of screen appearances, dramas, and variety shows.

Kim Jaejoong‘s title track ‘Glorious Day’ has captured hearts worldwide, topping the iTunes Worldwide Rock Charts in 16 countries including Japan, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia.

The song’s lyrics express gratitude to fans, blending Kim Jaejoong‘s unique rock style with a melodic touch.

Adding to his achievements, ‘FLOWER GARDEN’ secured the top spot on Billboard Japan’s ‘This Week’s Download Chart,’ underscoring Kim Jaejoong‘s enduring popularity in Japan.

In his 21st year since debut, Kim Jaejoong continues to shine, winning categories like ‘This Week’s Best K-POP’ on Billboard’s vote and ‘Best Idol’ on the global K-pop site ‘K-Top Star.’

Next, Kim Jaejoong will connect with fans at his concert ’20TH ANNIVERSARY 2024 KIM JAE JOONG ASIA TOUR CONCERT “FLOWER GARDEN” in SEOUL’ on the 20th and 21st, available for online streaming on the ‘Hello Live’ platform.

Looking ahead, Kim Jaejoong is preparing for the premiere of the MBN weekend mini-series ‘Eraser of Bad Memories’ in August and starring in the movie ‘Shinsa: Whisper of Evil Spirits.’

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