BTS’ V Tops Poll as the Most-Wanted Male Idol to Eat School Meals With

BTS member V has captured hearts once again, securing the top spot in a poll titled ‘Which male idol do you want to eat school meals with?’ held on Choi Aidol from June 25 to July 1, amassing 14,784 votes.

Known for his lively and affectionate personality, V reminisced about his school days during an appearance on tvN’s ‘You Quiz On The Block’, saying, “I was quiet but incredibly curious and full of energy. I didn’t speak much, but everyone wanted to be friends with me.”

Even as a global superstar, V maintains strong friendships from his school days, often seen traveling with friends and attending weddings. He’s known as someone who easily connects with others, building a wide network in the entertainment industry.

Director Na Young-seok shared on the YouTube channel ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’, “Taehyung is enjoying his military life. Whenever we talk, he seems to be doing very well and gets along with his comrades. He’s healthy and doing great, keeping good relationships even in the military.”

Recently, V ranked 5th overall and was the only group member in Gallup Korea’s ’50 Things Koreans Love’ survey, particularly popular among teenage girls aged 13-19, showcasing his special appeal among high school students.

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