BTS Jungkook Makes History with Over 700 Million Streams on Spotify for 3 Songs

BTS member Jungkook continues to impress globally, reaching a new milestone on Spotify.

Jungkook‘s solo album ‘GOLDEN’, released last November, has surpassed 700 million streams on Spotify with its title track ‘Standing Next to You’ (filtered pre-streams).

Jungkook now holds the record for an Asian solo artist with three songs—’Standing Next to You’, solo single ‘Seven’, and collaboration track ‘Left and Right’—each surpassing 700 million streams on Spotify.

This achievement makes Jungkook the artist with the most songs (3) reaching 700 million streams on Spotify, alongside singer-songwriter Joji.

‘Standing Next to You’ achieved 700,598,385 streams in just 234 days since its Spotify release. The World Music Awards (WMA), often called the ‘European Billboard’, confirmed, “Jungkook’s ‘Standing Next to You’ reached 700 million streams faster than any other solo K-pop artist.”

The song also dominated Spotify’s ‘Daily Top Songs Global’ chart, maintaining popularity for over 235 days since its debut.

Jungkook boasts a total of 5 songs with over 500 million streams on Spotify (‘Seven’, ‘3D’, ‘Standing Next to You’, ‘Left and Right’, ‘Euphoria’). As of June 24th, he set a record for Asian artists, achieving 1.7 billion streams with ‘Seven’ in just 347 days since release.

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