TWS Unstoppable, Wins Two Music Show Titles with New Song

TWS (Tours) is on a winning streak with their new song “If I’m S, Be My N.”

On July 3rd, TWS (Shinyu, Dohun, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon, Kyungmin) took the top spot on MBC M’s ‘Show! Champion’ with their title track “If I’m S, Be My N” from their second mini-album ‘SUMMER BEAT!’. This is their second win after their victory on SBS MTV’s ‘The Show,’ and they are starting to collect music show trophies.

TWS shared their excitement, saying, “Just like the lyrics of ‘If I’m S, Be My N,’ we now think we have grown antennae of the same color as our fans, 42 (fandom name), and we are running toward the same goal. Thanks to 42 pushing from the front and pulling from the back, we can always be happy in our activities. We will continue to work hard as TWS.”

During the show, TWS opened with the hip-hop track ‘Double Take,’ which has a strong, addictive bass line. They grabbed attention with their ‘shooting choreography,’ where all members raised their hands and did a jump shot motion with groovy steps. They showcased both solo and group dances with light-fit dance moves, showing a lively and free-spirited side different from their usual image.

The stage for “If I’m S, Be My N” was praised for its catchy melody and the fresh vocal tones of the members. Their ‘cheery synchronized dance’ performance received great applause. The choreography, with moves like sticking hands out above their heads for the line “growing antennae of the same color,” and smiling while waving for “greet with eye contact and say hello,” thrilled fans. In their encore live stage after winning first place, they included the word ’42’ in the lyrics and showcased stable high notes, drawing attention.

‘SUMMER BEAT!’ topped the Hanteo Chart’s daily album chart and Oricon’s ‘Daily Album Ranking’ on its release day (June 24), dominating both Korean and Japanese charts. The album sold over 500,000 copies in its first week, nearly doubling their previous record.

Their performance on the music charts is also impressive. The title track “If I’m S, Be My N” entered Melon’s ‘Top 100’ at 94th place on June 25th and gradually climbed to its highest position of 44th on July 3rd. In Japan, it ranked 2nd on Rakuten Music’s latest weekly chart and 17th and 20th in Line Music’s weekly song and music video charts, respectively.



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