Super Junior’s Shindong Reveals Strategy to Buy a House: “I Sold SM Stocks to Buy a House”

Super Junior‘s Shindong spilled some fun details about the group’s wealth on KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show” on July 4th. Alongside Ryeowook, he shared some inside stories about their long journey together.

Shindong said, “We often get asked if there were any crises during our 17 or 18 years together. There were definitely crises.” When Park Myung-soo mentioned that the atmosphere drops when members leave, Shindong admitted, “When our opinions didn’t align, we questioned if we should continue as a group. But after those times, it felt like we should keep going.” Ryeowook added, “As the youngest, I never had such thoughts.”

Shindong revealed a fun fact about Ryeowook: “Ryeowook included a clause in his contract renewal specifying that Super Junior must release a certain number of albums within a set period. He discussed it alone with the CEO without telling us. We later asked him why he did that.”

Talking about their schedules, Shindong shared, “When a schedule comes up, I let the member who can do it best take it. I’m OK with everything. If they ask me, ‘Do you want to do this?’ I say OK. But Ryeowook says, ‘If Shindong hyung goes, I’ll go.’ So we end up going together.” Ryeowook joked, “What about the other hyungs?” Shindong teased, “It’s been 19 years; if the hyungs are uncomfortable, they should say something.” Ryeowook humorously admitted, “It’s a bit uncomfortable.”

Park Myung-soo asked if Super Junior is a veteran of SM Entertainment. Shindong responded, “Almost everyone below the director level is younger than us. The manager who initially took care of us is now the CEO. We’ve reached a point where we can call everyone from the CEO down ‘hyung.'” Ryeowook praised aespa, saying, “The aespa members are the best at greeting.Shindong added humorously, “The NCT members once asked me to buy them a meal, and I spent about 3 million won at a barbecue restaurant. Now, aespa makes so much money we should ask them to treat us.”

When asked about company stocks, Shindong said, “Not anymore. I did receive some as a bonus in the past. I sold them at their peak and was very satisfied. I used the money to buy a house.” He continued, “I think Leeteuk hyung is the self-made wealthy one. He’s very interested in financial management and, although he has debts, he’s like Scrooge. He’s practically ‘Teuk-scrooge.’ Leeteuk would love to hear this.”

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