Sunye Who Left Wonder Girls after Marriage Maintains Strong Friendship with Ahn Sohee

Former Wonder Girls member Sunye has shown her enduring friendship with Ahn Sohee.

On the 3rd, Sunye confirmed her attendance at the play “Closer,” starring Ahn Sohee in the lead role.

She praised Ahn Sohee‘s passionate performance onstage, expressing her admiration. Sunye even complimented Ahn Sohee‘s impressive charisma in 2024.

After the play, Sunye and Ahn Sohee reunited backstage. The two close friends warmly embraced and took photos together.

Ahn Sohee affectionately wrapped her arm around Sunye’s shoulder, showcasing their strong bond.

Sunye and Ahn Sohee debuted together with Wonder Girls in 2007. Despite Sunye leaving the group in 2015 after her marriage, their friendship has remained steadfast.

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