Lim Young Woong Tops July Ad Model Brand Reputation Rankings

Singer Lim Young Woong has clinched the top spot in the July ad model brand reputation rankings.

On July 4th, Lim Young Woong was announced as the leading ad model for July 2024 by the Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute. Following Lim Young Woong in the rankings were Lee Jung Jae in 2nd place, Byeon Woo Seok in 3rd, Yoo Jae Suk in 4th, and BTS in 5th.

Lim Young Woong achieved a brand reputation index of 1,991,745, with a participation index of 324,315, media index of 547,076, communication index of 609,408, and community index of 510,946.

Director Koo Chang Hwan of the Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute analyzed the brand through link analysis, stating, “In the link analysis for Lim Young Woong‘s ad brand, ‘genuine, high purchasing power, attention-grabbing’ were highlighted. In keyword analysis, ‘Hana Financial, Chungjangjang, Sunlight-infused Soy Sauce’ were prominently featured. The analysis of sentiment ratio for Lim Young Woong’s ad brand showed a positive ratio of 87.03%.”

The Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute measured the brand reputation index using consumer behavior analysis from June 4th to July 4th, 2024, based on 28,724,791 pieces of ad model brand big data. Compared to June, the data decreased by 1.32%.

The brand reputation index reflects how consumers’ online habits significantly influence brand consumption. The ad model brand reputation analysis measures the relationship between ad model brands and consumers, evaluating positivity/negativity, media interest, consumer interest, and communication volume.

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