Lee Jung Ha’s Pure Charm Shines in ‘Victory’ as He Falls for Hyeri

Actor Lee Jung Ha is all set to charm fans in the new movie “Victory.”

Directed by Park Beom-soo, “Victory” is about the cheerleading club “Millennium Girls.” Despite being beginners, they lift everyone’s spirits with their energetic dances and pop songs.

Victory” marks Lee Jung Ha‘s big-screen debut, and he’s already grabbing attention. He won the Best New Actor award at the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards for his role in the Disney+ series “Moving.”

In “Victory,” Lee Jung Ha plays Chi-hyung, a high school goalkeeper who has been in love with Pil-seon (played by Hyeri) for ten years. Chi-hyung is a character full of pure charm, trying to protect both Pil-seon and the goalpost at the same time.

His passion and occasional clumsiness make him endearing. With his shaggy hair, yellow uniform, goalkeeper gloves, and determined eyes, Lee Jung Ha transforms into Chi-hyung, raising expectations for his performance.

Lee Jung Ha shared, “I liked that the movie sends a message of encouragement. I felt energized while reading the script and was captivated.” He added, “I trained to play the goalkeeper character. I wanted to show that I have various charms and can handle physical action well.”

Director Park Beom-soo praised Lee Jung Ha, saying, “The moment I saw him, Chi-hyung was already there. Lee Jung Ha himself is so charming that we even tailored the Chi-hyung character to fit him.”

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