Korean Film ‘Escape’ Takes 1st Place in Just 22 Days Surpassing ‘Inside Out 2’

Actors Lee Je Hoon and Koo Kyo Hwan‘s latest film ‘Escape’ has stormed to the top of the box office charts, overtaking ‘Inside Out 2’.

According to the integrated ticket sales network on July 4, ‘Escape’ drew 112,663 viewers on its opening day, with a total of 126,566 viewers so far.

“Escape” made an impressive debut by claiming the top spot right from its opening day. It even surpassed the long-standing champion ‘Inside Out 2,’ which had been leading the box office.

This achievement marks a significant moment for Korean cinema, reclaiming the top spot after 22 days.

During the same period, ‘Inside Out 2’ fell to second place with 105,713 viewers and a cumulative total of 5,911,131 viewers.

‘Escape’ has received high praise with a CGV Golden Egg Index of 92%, indicating strong viewer satisfaction and potential for continued success.

The film’s intense bromance between Lee Je Hoon‘s character Gyunam, a North Korean soldier fleeing for tomorrow, and Koo Kyo Hwan‘s Captain Hyunsang, who pursues him to protect today, coupled with director Lee Jong Pil‘s emotional direction, has resonated deeply with audiences.

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