“Connection” Kim Min Sik Impresses as Detective Park In-soo, Earns Praise for Powerful Performance

Actor Kim Min Sik is winning over audiences with his role as Detective Park In-soo in ‘Connection‘.

SBS’s weekend drama ‘Connection‘, written by Lee Hyun and directed by Kim Moon-kyu, follows the gripping story of an ace narcotics detective who becomes entangled in a complex web of drugs and connections. As the series nears its conclusion, it continues to receive acclaim for its compelling storyline and strong ensemble cast.

Kim Min Sik portrays Detective Park In-soo, a member of the powerful team at Ahnhyun Police Station, with a commanding presence and professionalism that immediately captivated viewers.

His character’s journey begins when he unexpectedly receives a call from Jang Jae-kyung (played by Ji Sung) regarding the mysterious death of Park Joon-seo (played by Yoon Namoo) at the Piloh Construction site.

In a recent episode, Detective Park In-soo shares crucial investigative details with Jae-kyung, stating, “The forensic team leader and deputy chief prosecutor have completed the autopsy, and the body is now at Ahnhyun University Hospital’s morgue.

This demonstrates his commitment to transparency and professionalism in his work. His principled approach is further highlighted in his interactions with Team Leader Yoo Kyung-hwan (played by Park Jung Hyuk), where he questions unconventional commands.

Kim Min Sik‘s portrayal of Detective Park In-soo is praised for its depth and authenticity, depicting a character torn between duty and personal conflicts with Jae-kyung’s narcotics team.

His consistent and detailed performances contribute significantly to the drama’s intense atmosphere and suspense.

SBS’s ‘Connection‘, featuring Kim Min Sik, airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 PM.

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