BTS Jin’s ‘The Astronaut’ Tops Apple Music Uganda Top 200 Music Videos Chart

BTS Jin‘s solo track ‘The Astronaut’ is gaining massive popularity, dominating global charts.

Released just before his enlistment, Jin’s debut solo single ‘The Astronaut’ reached number one on the Apple Music Trinidad & Tobago Top 200 Music Videos chart on June 28.

Continuing its rise, it also secured the top spot on the Uganda Top 200 Music Videos chart on June 29, showcasing its global appeal.

‘The Astronaut,’ a collaboration with Coldplay, features Jin‘s smooth yet powerful vocals, creating a dreamy atmosphere. It stands out with its emotional depth, different from Jin’s previous solo works.

The music video, released on October 28, 2022, portrays Jin as an expressive ‘astronaut’ who crash-lands on Earth. Its artistic visuals and captivating storyline give viewers a cinematic experience, drawing significant attention.

Upon release, ‘The Astronaut’ set a new YouTube record by topping the ‘World’s Most Popular Music Videos’ in the K-pop category for an unprecedented 17 consecutive days, surpassing Jin‘s previous record of 16 days with ‘Super Tuna.’

It achieved 1 billion views on Jin’s birthday last December 4 and has now surpassed 113 million views as of July 4, 6 AM, proving its enduring popularity over one and a half years.

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