Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun Ah Shares Concert Struggles on “Radio Star”, “I Want to Go to the Bathroom”

Urban Zakapa‘s Jo Hyun Ah opened up on “Radio Star” about her concert challenges, admitting she feels overwhelmed when “that song” plays, revealing her inner struggles.

As curiosity mounts about the song triggering Jo Hyun Ah‘s turmoil, Kim Gura offered practical advice that led to laughter.

During the July 3rd episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” themed “Mad Max Angry Stage,” guests Ok Ju-hyun, Ahn Hyun-mo, Jo Hyun Ah, and Seunghee joined the lively conversation.

Jo Hyun Ah, previously known for her appearance on “Radio Star” as the “Mad Painter,” prepared for her spotlight with amusing anecdotes. She shared her evolved dancing skills confidently, joking, “I’ve gotten so good at dancing, it’s not even funny anymore,” sparking interest.

Reflecting on her early days of fame, Jo Hyun Ah recalled awkward moments like being mistaken as “Urban Zambaka” or even an alpaca by foreigners. She humorously expressed relief at gaining confidence while entering broadcasting stations after becoming well-known. Kim Gura empathized, quipping, “That’s practical. Hurry to the bathroom!”

Jo Hyun Ah delved into the selfish origins of hit songs, jokingly remarking, “I consider others, but when it comes to lyrics, composition, and arrangement, I want all the credit.” She even treated the audience to an impromptu performance of her solo comeback track “I’ll Give You,” prompting Yoo Se-yoon to jest, “Isn’t this the same as my mom’s gifs?”

Known for her distinct voice and clear-eyed gaze, Jo Hyun Ah revealed anecdotes from her daily life, including being mistaken for a man due to her husky voice for over a decade. She also surprised everyone by revealing her sister’s profession, which matches her unique vocal characteristics.

Jo Hyun Ah recently made headlines for ending her popular YouTube show “Thursday Night with Jo Hyun Ah,” which amassed nearly 700,000 subscribers in just a year and a half. She candidly shared her reasons, mentioning interview fatigue and recalling memorable moments with guests like Suzy. She also joked about her viral “front teeth fluttering” video, imitated by stars like Kim Soo-hyun, Park Bo-gum, and Byun Woo-seok.

During MBC Radio’s “Starlit Night” segment, “Star Night Show-off,” Jo Hyun Ah expressed her fondness for MBC Radio, playfully admitting, “It feels like they might give me work, but they’re playing hard to get.” She humorously confessed her affection for MBC, sending out a playful love call that brought laughter to the set.

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