Lee Jeong Eun’s Stellar Performance in “Miss Night and Day” Earns Popularity and High Ratings

Actor Lee Jeong Eun has solidified her reputation as a trusted and beloved performer, dominating both ratings and popularity charts with her role in the JTBC drama ‘Miss Night and Day.’

According to data released by K-Content online competitiveness analysis firm Good Data Corporation on July 2nd, Lee Jeong Eun secured 2nd place in the TV-OTT drama/web drama actor popularity category for the 4th week of June. Additionally, ‘Miss Night and Day’ itself ranked 2nd in the TV-OTT drama/web drama popularity category.

Jung Eun Ji, Lee Jeong Eun’s co-star in ‘Miss Night and Day,’ claimed the top spot in the actor popularity category. Um Tae Goo from ‘Playing Girl’ took 3rd place, and Jung Ryeo Won from ‘Midnight Romance In Hagwon’ landed in 4th place.

‘Miss Night and Day’ not only captivates viewers with its talented cast but also achieved its highest ratings so far. The drama recorded 7.7% nationwide and 8.2% in the Seoul metropolitan area during its 6th episode, continuing its upward trajectory.

In ‘Miss Night and Day,Lee Jeong Eun portrays Im Soon, a 50-year-old with the spirit of a 20-year-old. The quirky romantic comedy revolves around an intern prosecutor caught in an eccentric internship between a job seeker suddenly trapped in elderly time and a woman who lives day and night. Lee Jeong Eun’s portrayal, complete with MZ language, actions, and gestures, has captured viewers’ hearts.

Good Data Corporation’s FUNdex platform conducted the survey for the 4th week of June, analyzing TV dramas and OTT original dramas airing, scheduled to air, or already completed from June 24th to June 30th. The popularity survey considered program-related information from news articles, Voice of Netizen (VON), video clips, and social media, along with netizen reactions. To ensure accuracy, irrelevant data and artificially inflated popularity scores were filtered out, resulting in an assessment accuracy rate of over 97%.

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