BTS’s Jin Tops Poll as ‘Idol with an Elegant Atmosphere’

BTS member Jin has captured the spotlight, ranking first as the ‘idol with an elegant atmosphere.’

From June 22nd to June 29th, Jin topped Exciting DC’s survey as the ‘idol fitting for BOUCHERON advertisements with an elegant atmosphere.’

He received 15,938 out of 28,675 votes, achieving an impressive 55.58% approval rate, showcasing his strong popularity and dedicated fanbase.

In terms of Jin‘s charms, ‘elegant’ was the most favored attribute with 52% support, followed by ‘dazzling’ at 18%, ‘radiant’ at 14%, ‘captivating’ at 12%, and ‘sensual’ at 3%.

Jin consistently proves his popularity and influence in various Exciting DC surveys, including categories like ‘idol with a fresh charm for knitwear modeling,’ ‘idol with a youthful charm for back-to-school ads,’ and more.

Recently discharged from military duty on June 12th, Jin quickly resumed his activities with events like ‘Jin’s Greeting’ and the ‘2024 BTS FESTA.’ He’s also set to appear on the MBC show ‘It’s a Relief If You Rest Well.’

Additionally, Jin has been chosen as a torchbearer for the ‘2024 Paris Olympics,’ continuing his active schedule with various engagements ahead.



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