Yoon Kye Sang Confirmed to Join ‘TRY: We Are a Miracle’ as Former Boyfriend of Im Se Mi

Actor Yoon Kye Sang, alongside Im Se Mi and Kim Yo Han, will star in the upcoming SBS drama ‘TRY: We Are a Miracle.’

Set to premiere in 2025, ‘TRY: We Are a Miracle’ is a sports drama exploring the world of rugby, where young individuals strive for greatness through the challenges of the sport. Directed by Jang Young-seok, known for ‘Taxi Driver 2,’ and written by Im Jin-ah, winner of the SBS Cultural Foundation script contest, the drama promises a high-quality production.

Yoon Kye Sang takes on the role of Joo Garam, a former rugby star who returns as a contract coach at Hanyang High School. Despite a past scandal, Joo Garam faces new challenges with his skills tested to the limit.

Known for his versatile acting in roles from antagonists to innocent youths in works like ‘The Outlaws’ and ‘The Good Wife,’ Yoon Kye Sang is poised to showcase his talent through Joo Garam’s journey of redemption and leadership in ‘TRY: We Are a Miracle’.

Im Se Mi portrays Baegi, a resilient coach at the school facing personal and professional challenges. Her reunion with Joo Garam, her ex-boyfriend, adds complexity to her character, promising a compelling performance.

Kim Yo Han, recognized for ‘School 2021,’ portrays Yoon Seongjun, the passionate rugby team captain at Hanyang High School. His portrayal reflects the struggles and ambitions of a young athlete seeking recognition and overcoming challenges.

‘TRY: We Are a Miracle’ is anticipated to captivate viewers with its blend of sports drama and compelling character dynamics, led by a talented cast ready to deliver memorable performances.

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