Red Velvet Seulgi Tears Up Recalling Discipline Towards Junior Trainees “Doesn’t Suit My Personality”

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi opened up about a touching moment from her trainee days where she struggled with enforcing discipline on junior trainees.

In the latest episode of ‘Jjanhan Hyeong’ released on July 1st, Seulgi, along with Joy and Yeri, reminisced about their early days.

Joy recalled a particular incident involving Seulgi‘s earnest attempt to maintain discipline among new trainees. “During Seulgi unnie’s trainee days, when newcomers were being unruly, she felt the need to have a serious conversation with them,Joy recounted. “Even though she had to be firm, I remember her trembling while addressing them.”

Seulgi added her perspective, admitting, “There were moments when I had to step into that disciplinary role. Typically, the highest-ranking senior would call us in and teach us discipline. When it was my turn, I questioned whether I should enforce it. But because of my gentle nature, it didn’t feel natural for me. It even brought tears to my eyes.”

Yeri also shared her humorous experience as a trainee, especially when it came to cleaning duties. “For me, cleaning the practice room was like, ‘If I made the mess, I clean it; if someone else did, they should clean it,'” Yeri chuckled. “When I first joined as a trainee, having to clean up after someone else annoyed me. I felt like an elementary school student mopping the floor, thinking, ‘Why do I have to do this?’ If it was my mess, I didn’t mind, but cleaning up after others didn’t sit right.”

Reflecting on these memories, the Red Velvet members gave fans a glimpse into their early struggles and growth as trainees, showcasing their bond and humor amidst challenges.

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