Maknae Yeri Breaks SM’s Politeness Rules, Joy Says “Red Velvet Vibes Improved”

Red Velvet‘s Yeri shared nostalgic memories from her trainee days during an episode of the web entertainment show ‘Jjanhan Hyeong,’ released on July 1st, featuring Red Velvet members Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri.

Joy reflected on their early days, noting, “We had to strictly follow company rules and traditional norms.” She added, “One rule was always using polite speech. Despite having younger sisters, we couldn’t speak casually like friends.”

Joy mentioned the challenges faced by Seulgi and Wendy, who were used to being the youngest at home, adjusting to their roles in the group.

When Yeri joined, Joy recalled a shift in dynamics. “Initially, we used formal language, but Yeri suddenly suggested using informal speech between us,” Joy shared. “It made a significant difference. Yeri’s initiative helped break down barriers, and our team vibe improved a lot. It was refreshing.”

Yeri described herself as straightforward, revealing her nickname Ajelim and preference for food trucks over prepared places. She fondly remembered meeting Seulgi for the first time at age 12 when Seulgi had an apple haircut and wore a school uniform.

Reflecting on her trainee days, Yeri humorously noted the disappearance of her cell phone upon debut, jokingly attributed to senior idols causing “explosive” issues with cell phones.

The candid revelations on ‘Jjanhan Hyeong’ shed light on Red Velvet‘s journey and the bond that has evolved among the members over the years.

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