Kim Min Jae Tears Up, Reveals Separation from Parents Since Age 7

Actor Kim Min Jae opened up about his emotional journey, discussing his struggles with panic disorder and childhood wounds.

On the July 1st episode of SBS’s ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny,’ Kim Min Jae and Choi Yoo Ra appeared together for the first time as a couple.

Kim Min Jae shared his reasons for moving to Jeju Island, saying, “There were various reasons. I had considered quitting acting. It was during that time I came to Jeju Island. My panic disorder was severe. There were times I couldn’t continue filming due to intense episodes where I couldn’t breathe and felt physically drained like after a marathon.”

Reflecting on his acting career of 15 years, he expressed, “I felt like I was replacing someone else’s pain insincerely. It didn’t align with why I started acting. It was a tough time, worsening my symptoms.”

“Eventually, I moved to Jeju Island spontaneously after Yoo-ra agreed. I stopped acting and wanted to work in construction and farming, similar to my childhood dreams. Yoo-ra supported me during this transition,” he explained.

Choi Yoo Ra recalled, “I vividly remember driving along the coast as the sun rose. It was a memorable moment. Min Jae’s face remains etched in my memory.”

Kim Min Jae reflected on his solitary life, saying, “In a way, I’ve always lived independently, navigating society alone.”

Sharing about seeking help through counseling, he tearfully admitted, “After five years of counseling, I realized I lacked the tools to connect with others.”

Opening up about his childhood, he revealed, “I haven’t seen my father since I was 7 years old, almost 40 years ago. My father was strict and distant, which I didn’t fully grasp until adulthood.”

Recalling his upbringing, he added, “I spent much of my childhood in the market, finding solace from market vendors who treated me like family. Despite having parents, I often felt like an orphan.”

Kim Min Jae shared touching moments from his youth, saying, “Attending church provided warmth and support. I found joy in preparing for plays during youth camps, feeling alive and connected.”

He concluded emotionally, “My journey isn’t solitary; I search alongside friends. Acting has helped me realize my potential to contribute positively to others.”

Kim Min Jae‘s candid revelations on ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny’ shed light on his personal struggles and growth.

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