Choi Ji Woo Shares About Her Close Friendship With Kim Tae Hee Now That They’re Both Parents — and It’s Super Sweet

Actress Choi Ji Woo recently showed off her glamorous parenting friends.

On the June 30th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘The Return of Superman’, the episode titled ‘Happiness Doubles When We’re Together‘ featured Byun Yo Han and his daughter Sihwa‘s daily life.

During the episode, ‘parenting matesYoo Hye Joo and Jo Jung Yeon visited Byun Yo Han‘s home. Their son Yoo Jun is a close friend of Sihwa, both born in 2023, and they meet every week.

It was also revealed that Yoo Hye Joo and Jo Jung Yeon are popular YouTubers with 720,000 subscribers, which surprised many.

Watching the video, Jason said, “Time flies when you’re co-parenting,” highlighting the benefits of parenting mates.

Choi Ji Woo also shared, “While taking a break from work, I exchanged a lot of parenting tips with moms of similar age. Kim Tae Hee’s second child is only a year apart from my child, so we share parenting items.”

Choi Ji Woo also mentioned her close friends and senior mothers Shin Ae Ra and Oh Yeon Soo, saying, “Shin Ae Ra is even hosting a parenting program. I get a lot of help related to parenting from her,” showing off her special connections.

Choi Ji Woo married a businessman nine years younger than her in 2018 and gave birth to their daughter Lua the following year.



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