BTS Jungkook Makes History with 9 Songs Topping iTunes Charts in Over 100 Countries

BTS member Jungkook has once again proven his global appeal by setting a remarkable record as the first solo artist to achieve this milestone on iTunes worldwide.

Jungkook‘s self-composed song ‘Still with you’ has reached number 1 on the iTunes Top Songs charts in a total of 100 countries.

Most recently, ‘Still with you’ secured its first number 1 position in Namibia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Gambia, Belize, Dominica, Moldova, and Botswana, totaling 8 countries. Since its release in 2020, the song has now topped the charts in a total of 100 countries, demonstrating Jungkook’s powerful influence in global music.

The ‘World Music Awards’ (WMA), often referred to as the ‘Billboard of Europe,’ officially acknowledged Jungkook‘s achievement, stating,Jungkook has made history as the first solo artist with 9 songs topping iTunes charts in over 100 countries.”

Jungkook‘s songs that have achieved this feat include ‘Still with you’, solo tracks like ‘Seven’ (116 countries), ‘3D’ (110 countries), the webtoon OST ‘Stay Alive’ (110 countries), the official soundtrack for the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup ‘Dreamers’ (106 countries), solo track ‘시차’ (106 countries), collaboration ‘Left and Right’ (106 countries), self-composed ‘Never Let Go’ (103 countries), and the title track ‘Standing Next to You’ from the solo album ‘GOLDEN’ (100 countries).

As of June 26th, Jungkook became the first solo artist worldwide to have 8 songs topping iTunes charts in over 100 countries.

In addition, Jungkook holds the record as the K-pop solo artist with the most number 1 songs (11 songs) on the U.S. iTunes charts. His chart-topping hits include ‘Seven’, ‘3D’, ‘Standing Next to You’, ‘Standing Next To You Future Funk Remix’, ‘Stay Alive’, ‘Dreamers’, ‘Never Let Go’, ‘Still with you’, ‘Left and Right’, ‘Too much’, and ‘3D Justin Timberlake Remix’.

Despite ‘Still With You’ being a fan song in Korean without any promotional efforts, it dominated both the worldwide and European iTunes song charts for three consecutive days, showcasing its immense popularity. It also held the number 1 position on the worldwide iTunes song chart for four consecutive days.

Additionally, ‘Still With You’ topped Billboard’s ‘World Digital Song Sales’ chart in the U.S., ranked 6th on the ‘Digital Song Sales’ chart, 62nd on the ‘Global 200’ chart, and 33rd on the ‘Global (Excluding U.S.)’ chart.

Furthermore, ‘Still With You’ made history as the first K-pop solo artist song to lead Spotify’s ‘Global Viral Songs Daily’ chart, maintaining its top spot for four consecutive days.

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