‘Singles Inferno’ star Lee Kwan Hee wants to date Yoon Ha Jung again, but this time without cameras

Lee Kwan Hee, a professional basketball player for 14 years, had a sweet phone call with his Single’s Inferno ‘former love interest’ Yoon Ha Jung.

On the 29th, the 305th episode of MBC‘s variety show ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere‘ showed Lee Kwan Hee‘s off-season life. He has gained popularity through ‘Single’s Inferno 3.’

While heading to the gym, Lee Kwan Hee called Yoon Ha Jung, his former love interest from ‘Single’s Inferno 3.’ Before the call, he joked, “Even the ringtone is outdated,” making viewers laugh with his playful comment.

When Yoon Ha Jung said she had slept in until 11 AM, Lee Kwan Hee teasingly replied, “You drank again last night,” to which Yoon Ha Jung responded, “I can’t believe this. Does it seem like Ha Jung hasn’t gotten over me?” referencing a surprising remark Lee Kwan Hee made about her before.

Lee Kwan Hee, unfazed, said, “It’s true. If you weren’t over me, why do you call me every night?” This unexpected comment made Yoon Ha Jung flustered.

She retorted, “When did I ever call you every night? That’s a problem you have,” and Lee Kwan Hee, playfully apologizing, said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t say things like that. Let’s go on a proper date without cameras,” before ending the call with a flirtatious note.

Later, Lee Kwan Hee had a workout session with former mixed martial artist and broadcaster Choo Sung Hoon, Kim Dong Hyun, and Amoetti, the winner of Netflix’s ‘Physical 100‘ Season 2.

Lee Kwan Hee‘s off-season manager, Baek Jong Ho, explained, “We often gather to work out together. Sweating together helps us bond quickly, so members of the same agency often have these workout gatherings.”

During the workout, Lee Kwan Hee shared that he had recently started boxing. He boasted, “After about a week of training, I sparred and defeated people who had been training for years, almost causing the gym to close down,” making everyone laugh.

Choo Sung Hoon then asked for a demonstration of shadow boxing, and after watching, humorously asked, “Which gym did you learn that from?” prompting more laughter from everyone.



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