“Why does this feel so touching?” Lovelyz Reunites After 3 Years, Shed Tears During Full Group Performance

Lovelyz came together on stage after a 3-year hiatus, and emotions ran high.

On today’s broadcast of MBC’s ‘What Do You Do?’ the complete Lovelyz lineup will perform ‘Our Festival’ part 2 for the first time in about 3 years.

In the released photos, Lovelyz delighted fans with carefully chosen songs, creating a festival atmosphere. Their harmony and charm remained as captivating as ever, exactly as fans remembered.

After their heartfelt performance, Lovelyz greeted everyone with, “Hello, we are Lovelyz.” MCs Yoo Jaesuk and HaHa shared their joy, with HaHa exclaiming, “It’s been so long since we heard a group greeting like this!” The emotional reunion moved fans to tears, with tissues passed around to console them.

“Don’t cry! Don’t cry!” Amidst tears, Lovelyz shared their thoughts on their long-awaited reunion. Yein teased, “Shall we do something special together on this festival stage?” sparking curiosity. HaHa reflected, “Why does this feel so touching?” showing his deeply moved state.

Later, Yoo Jaesuk revealed, “A fan who supports Lovelyz sent a special message,” introducing a surprise guest. Lovelyz expressed their happiness at the unexpected visitor, leaving fans curious about who it could be.

Don’t miss Lovelyz‘s long-awaited full group stage airing today (29th) at 6:25 PM on MBC’s ‘What Do You Do?’.



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