UP10TION’s Kuhn Starts Anew as a Show Host, “Still Dazed, But It’s Something I Wanted to Try”

UP10TION member Kuhn is starting a new journey as a show host.

On June 28th, Kuhn shared on his Instagram, “I’ve always been interested in and wanted to try being a show host, and now it seems like I can greet you all on Lotte Home Shopping. ”

He added, “It hasn’t been long since I started studying and passed, so I’m still a bit dazed, but I’m preparing diligently and will do my best since it’s something I’ve wanted to try.

He concluded, “As UP10TION’s Kuhn and Lotte Home Shopping’s show host No Soo Il, I still have a lot to learn, but I’ll show you a good side of me.”

Kuhn debuted in 2015 with UP10TION‘s EP album ‘Top Secret‘. Last March, he announced the end of his exclusive contract with TOP Media along with members Kogyeol, Bitto, Sunyoul, and Gyujin.

After enlisting in the military in March 2023, Kuhn was discharged in February due to a herniated disc. At the time, Kuhn shared, “Currently, the pain and movement have greatly improved, and I’m able to go about my daily life. I plan to continue appropriate exercises and consult with a specialist regarding my spinal condition.”



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