SHINee Key’s past school photos reveals his unchanged handsome visuals

Photos from SHINee Key‘s school days have been revealed.

In the 552nd episode of MBC‘s variety show ‘I Live Alone‘ aired on June 28, SHINee‘s Key visited a friend’s house and took on the challenge of looking after his friend’s nephew.

On this day, Key visited the home of his middle and high school friend, Je Hak. Key mentioned that he and Je Hak had attended the same school from the second year of middle school to high school, and that they also knew the J4 friends he had previously introduced.

Along with this, photos from Key‘s school days were shown. While Key was surprised to see himself from the past, Lee Jang Woo admired Key‘s looks, which were as striking then as they are now, exclaiming, “You were so handsome, Kibum!”



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