Lee Hyori Cooks for Her Mom for the First Time, Working to Improve Their Relationship

Lee Hyori and her mom are working on their relationship, cooking together and even drafting an agreement.

On the June 30 episode of JTBC’s ‘Mom, Shall We Go on a Trip Alone?’, Lee Hyori and her mom went on a sauna date to warm up from the wind and rain. It was their first time visiting a sauna together, where they enjoyed a simple date, made towel head wraps, and relaxed in a salt room to relieve their fatigue.

Seeing her mom enjoying the sauna while she fled from the heat, Lee Hyori said with a bittersweet smile, “It seems like you like the sauna the most during this trip,” and added, “I think daughters should endure it,” showing the importance of patience.

After the sauna, they enjoyed roasted eggs and sikhye, a sweet rice drink, a must-do at a Korean sauna. During this time, they talked and created a special agreement to improve their mother-daughter relationship, raising expectations.

Lee Hyori, who brought special bracken from Jeju Island, prepared a special dish for her mom for the first time in about 30 years.

Watching her daughter cook, Lee Hyori’s mom was amazed and said, “This is a sight I’ve never seen before.” She couldn’t stop eating, enjoying the meal her youngest daughter made.

Even though she was full, she finished her bowl and proudly called family members to boast about the special dish, touching the hearts of viewers.

‘Mom, Shall We Go on a Trip Alone?’ will air on June 30 at 9:10 PM.



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