Daesung Opens Up About Past Interactions Between BIGBANG and Wonder Girls, “We weren’t close back then”

Daesung recently discussed the historical dynamics between BIGBANG and Wonder Girls.

On June 28th, Daesung released a video titled “Oh My, Bang Girl” on his channel ‘D-LITE.’

During the video, guests Sunye and Yubin from Wonder Girls joined him. Daesung mentioned watching a joint stage featuring both groups 17 years ago, where feedback suggested they “didn’t seem close at all.”

Daesung chuckled and explained, “That’s because we weren’t close.”

Sunye then shared, “We met often back then, but we were shy and didn’t have much in common. We practiced together and then went our separate ways.”

Yubin added, “Even though we were all around the same age, like G-Dragon and Taeyang, and Sunye and Yeeun were the same age as Daesung, we just weren’t close. It’s funny looking back on it now.”

Reflecting on their interactions, Daesung mentioned, “There were managers around, so we couldn’t really get to know each other. If we happened to pass by, I would apologize and we’d continue with our practices.”

Sunye pointed out, “Back then, we didn’t have things like KakaoTalk, so it was hard to stay in touch or exchange contact information.”

The conversation highlighted the distant but respectful relationship between the two iconic K-pop groups in their earlier years.



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