“Creating a New Legend” NewJeans Takes Over Tokyo Dome, Grabbing Major Media Attention

NewJeans recently rocked the Tokyo Dome, and major local media can’t stop talking about it. Top sports newspapers dedicated entire pages to NewJeans, praising the concert atmosphere.

On June 28, Sankei Sports, Nikkan Sports, and Daily Sports gave extensive coverage of the ‘Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome’ concerts held on the 26th and 27th. It’s rare for a foreign artist’s concert to get a full page, showing NewJeans‘ huge popularity in Japan.

The newspapers described the concert excitement: “The goddesses continue to create new legends” (Sankei Sports), “The colorful outfits and dazzling dance moves energized the venue, with enthusiastic cheers resonating throughout” (Nikkan Sports), “The five members ascended the sacred Tokyo Dome stage, driven by passionate applause” (Daily Sports).

Before this, major sports newspapers featured NewJeans on the front page for both days of their Tokyo Dome performances. These newspapers sold out quickly at stands near Tokyo Dome and some convenience stores even ran out of stock.

Local music media outlet ‘Natalie’ detailed the concert atmosphere, saying, NewJeans met about 91,200 Bunnies (fans) at their first Tokyo Dome performance.” The article noted, “K-pop artists usually have an interpreter MC when meeting fans locally, but the five members of NewJeans greeted Bunnies using a mix of Korean, English, and Japanese without an interpreter.”

Oricon News highlighted the members’ solo stages featuring original and Japanese cover songs, especially noting, “Hanni’s performance of Matsuda Seiko’s ‘Blue Coral Reef’ trended on X (formerly Twitter) not only in Japan but also in Korea, creating a significant buzz.”

Oricon News added, “The trending idol’s bright rendition of an 80s idol song, with a radiant smile, created a delightful atmosphere among the audience. Even after the lights dimmed post-song, the Tokyo Dome was filled with lingering euphoria and joy.”

Model Press mentioned that NewJeans set the record for the shortest time for a foreign artist (1 year and 11 months) to enter Tokyo Dome.NewJeans captivated the Bunnies throughout the 150-minute performance, waving until the end,” they reported.

The NewJeans craze in Japan is also seen in local music charts. On Spotify Japan’s ‘Daily Top Songs’ for the 27th, ‘Supernatural’ climbed four places to rank 14th. In total, 11 NewJeans songs were listed on this chart.

On Apple Music Japan’s ‘Top 100,’ nine NewJeans songs, including ‘How Sweet’ (11th) and ‘Supernatural’ (13th), were featured.



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