SPIA Members Show Off Their Everyday Lives on ‘ON&OFF’

Girl group SPIA is ready to give fans a glimpse into their everyday lives off stage.

In the second episode of MBC PLUS’s digital content ‘ON&OFF,’ airing today (28th) at 6 PM, viewers will get to see what the SPIA members do in their free time. The episode will feature the girls having fun at an amusement park, enjoying their time together and making new memories.

Fans will also get to see each member’s personal ‘OFF’ moments.

A special highlight of this episode is Japanese member Hana revisiting her childhood dream of figure skating.

Hana spent 7-8 years training as a figure skater before an injury forced her to give up on her dream. Now, she’ll be showing off her skills once again on the ice.

‘ON&OFF’ originally started in 2014 on MBC MUSIC with ‘Goo Hara’s ON&OFF’ and was rebooted last year as digital content on the YouTube channel ‘ALL THE K-POP.’ The show is a mix of reality and observation, showing the ‘ON’ moments of the cast’s professional lives and the ‘OFF’ moments of their everyday routines. This season features SPIA both on stage and in their daily lives.

SPIA‘s ‘ON&OFF’ series will have four episodes, airing every Friday at 6 PM on the YouTube channel ‘ALL THE K-POP.’



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