Park Bo Gum says he might have a drinking tolerance now

Actor Park Bo Gum, who usually doesn’t drink, hit it off with Ireland Ramparts choir director Lurie.

On the second episode of JTBC’s variety show ‘My Name is Gabriel,’ which aired on June 28, Park Bo Gum hung out with the choir members for an after-party.

After choir practice, Park Bo Gum went to a local pub with the Ramparts choir members. They toasted with dark beer, just like the Irish do. When someone asked, “How do you like dark beer? Didn’t you enjoy it?” Park Bo Gum smiled and said, “Yes.”

In the studio, when asked, “Are you good at drinking?” Park Bo Gum shook his head. He admitted, “I originally had no tolerance. I don’t even know how much I can drink because I rarely drink. But since I’ve been having a drink after practice every day, I think I might develop a tolerance.”

In the footage, Park Bo Gum was seen drinking not just that day but also the next two days, making everyone laugh as he synced with Lurie, right down to the liver.



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