Lee Kyu Hyung Talks Stocks and Acting: “I’ve Cut Ties with Stocks, Focusing Only on Acting”

Actor Lee Kyu Hyung shared his reflections and ambitions during an interview on June 27th in Seoul.

Reflecting on his role as Kang Sung Min in Disney+’s ‘Uncle Samsik‘, Lee Kyu Hyung expressed, “Working with senior actors like shooting stars, I’ve grown artistically. Finding good projects with good colleagues is my greatest ambition. Personally, owning a house is also a goal. As for stocks, I won’t touch them due to a painful experience. It was like living in the Smurf’s blue world. That’s why I’ve decided to focus solely on acting.”

Discussing his passion for acting, Lee Kyu Hyung shared, “As an actor, I’m constantly looking for challenging roles and new experiences. I’ve played various characters over the years, but there’s always more to explore.”

Reflecting on his role in ‘Casino’ where he played a high school student at 40, he mused, “The school uniform suited the historical background. Perhaps my face has a familiar aspect.”

Lee Kyu Hyung also commented on aging in the acting profession, saying, “With age comes a deeper understanding and the ability to portray a wider range of roles. My perspectives have changed over the years, influencing how I approach characters.”

Currently, Lee Kyu Hyung is involved in multiple projects, including ‘Uncle Samsik’, ‘Handsome Guys’, and the upcoming musical ‘Gentleman’s Guide’. Discussing his roles in these works, he said, “I enjoy diversity in roles. Each project allows me to explore different acting styles. ‘Gentleman’s Guide’, for instance, is a high-stimulus comedy where I play nine roles, providing a dopamine rush. I’ve been passionate about this work for years.”

‘Gentleman’s Guide’ tells the story of Monty Navarro’s journey to inherit a noble title by eliminating his relatives. Lee Kyu Hyung portrays various characters in the play, showcasing his versatility on stage.

Lee Kyu Hyung‘s commitment to acting shines through as he continues to challenge himself with diverse roles and projects, leaving a mark in both media and theater.



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