Lee Hyori and Han Hye Jin Face Privacy Invasion from Tourists

Celebrities like Lee Hyori and Han Hye Jin are dealing with a troubling trend of tourists mistaking their private homes for tourist spots, causing significant disruptions.

Lee Hyori, who previously shared her home in Jeju Island, and Han Hye Jin, who recently revealed her Hongcheon villa on YouTube, have both suffered from unwanted visits by tourists.

On June 27th, Han Hye Jin spoke out on her YouTube channel about the invasion of her privacy at her Hongcheon villa. She recounted, “I was drying my hair when I heard a car door. It was so scary. No one was supposed to be here.” She added, “I froze for about 10 seconds. When I finally went out, there were four middle-aged people wandering from the yard to the valley,” which shocked her.

Despite asking them to leave multiple times, she said, “I repeated myself four times. When they finally left, they said, ‘We won’t watch TV anymore.’ It nearly brought me to tears. I felt so down,” she shared.

In response, Han Hye Jin decided to install fences, gates, and CCTV from a security company to enhance her privacy and security. She explained, “I used to feel like I had all of nature around me, so I hesitated to put up fences. But now, it feels necessary to protect my privacy, even though it makes me feel trapped sometimes, unlike in Seoul.”

Han Hye Jin‘s experience echoes that of Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon, who faced a similar invasion of privacy after revealing their home on the JTBC show ‘Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast.’ Following the broadcast, visitors would ring their bell, take photos, and show a lack of respect for their privacy, despite public requests to refrain from visiting.

Due to these privacy and security issues, JTBC eventually reached an agreement with Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon to purchase the property, stating, “The continuous exposure of their residence made it difficult for them to use it as their actual home.”

The incidents highlight the challenges celebrities face in maintaining their privacy amid growing public interest and tourism.



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