Jeon Do Yeon on the Comments of Netizens on Her Acting Skills: “It’s Common Knowledge That I’m Good at Acting but…”

Renowned as the queen of Cannes and an actor’s actor, Jeon Do Yeon (51) has made a triumphant return to the theater stage after 27 years with the play “Cherry Blossom Hill.”

“I realized it has been 27 years since my last stage performance through an article,” Jeon Do Yeon reminisced. “I don’t even remember how I acted back then; it’s been such a long time.”

Her return to theater was fueled by a deep passion for acting. “I’ve talked about this for a long time. Despite Korean content gaining global recognition, there’s been a thirst for genres that haven’t expanded much in Korea. I wondered what I could do within that framework. Theater felt distant to me, but through ‘Cherry Blossom Hill,’ I felt I could find new energy to satisfy this long-standing thirst,” she revealed.

“Cherry Blossom Hill” reinterprets Anton Chekhov’s work within the context of Korean society. Jeon Do Yeon takes on the role of Song Doyoung, a character reimagined in a contemporary setting as a woman who returned to Korea after losing her son ten years ago, grappling with adversity.

Joining the cast under director Simon Stone wasn’t without challenges for Jeon Do Yeon. “I have great affection for Simon, yet there were moments when I wanted to pursue other projects,” she admitted. “His working style was so unfamiliar that it took time to adapt and build trust. The script arrived late, and on the first day of rehearsal, I received a 15-page script, which left me bewildered. I even questioned how I could perform a reading with it. However, as I delved into the script and understood his directing style, my confidence grew. The rehearsal process was agonizing as an actress, but the freshness that emerged from it was invaluable,” she shared.

Embodying the character of Song Doyoung, who lacks a grip on reality and impulsively kisses her daughter’s boyfriend, presented its own set of challenges for Jeon Do Yeon. “Accepting Doyoung’s character was difficult for me. As a mother, burdening my daughters with such pain was disorienting. I worried if the audience would find this character believable and relatable. Simon reassured me, saying, ‘Your pure soul will shine through to the audience,’ which comforted me,” she confessed.

Simon’s insights proved accurate as Jeon Do Yeon flawlessly portrayed Song Doyoung, ensuring that despite her character’s perplexing actions, she remained endearing—a testament once again to Jeon Do Yeon‘s acting prowess.

Despite accolades for her performance in theater, Jeon Do Yeon remains steadfast. “Rather than anticipating reactions, I focus on delivering my best on stage,” she emphasized. “If ‘Cherry Blossom Hill’ resonates and becomes memorable, I may feel proud of making the right choice.”

In conclusion, she expressed, “It’s widely known that I’m good at acting. Instead of just acknowledging my acting skills, I hope my choices in roles continue to inspire confidence.”



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