Jang Nara and Nam Ji Hyun Shine in “Good Partner” Special Poster

A captivating poster for the upcoming drama ‘Good Partner’ has just been revealed, featuring the intriguing chemistry between Jang Nara and Nam Ji Hyun.

Scheduled to premiere on July 12th, ‘Good Partner’ introduces us to Cha Eun-kyung (played by Jang Nara) and Han Yoo-ri (played by Nam Ji Hyun) – two lawyers with contrasting styles and perspectives on divorce cases.

In the eye-catching poster, Cha Eun Kyung exudes confidence with her intense gaze, while Han Yoo Ri’s eyes hold their own allure. The phrase “Let’s show the best divorce show” hints at the intriguing blend of sweetness and tension between these legal opposites.

Director Kim Ga-ram praised the duo’s on-screen chemistry, emphasizing their ability to evolve from clashes over cases to a deeper connection. “Jang Nara’s charisma and Nam Ji Hyun’s integrity perfectly sync with their characters,” he said. “Together, they create an impeccable combination.”

Good Partner’ promises a realistic portrayal of life’s unexpected separations, dilemmas, and tough choices faced by divorce lawyers. With a script by divorce law specialist Choi Yoon-na and direction by Kim Ga Ram (known for ‘Nevertheless’ and ‘Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency’), this human legal office drama aims to deliver both empathy and catharsis.

Mark your calendars – ‘Good Partner’ premieres on July 12th at 10 PM!



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