Hyoyeon Talks About Possible Girls’ Generation Comeback, The Boyz’s Younghoon Reveals He’s a Big Fan

The Boyz’s Younghoon asked Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon about their future activities.

On the June 27 episode of tvN’s ‘Bobhanjan,’ a surprise meeting was held in Incheon, featuring Hyoyeon as Lee Soo-geun’s friend.

During the show, Lee Eun-ji discovered that Hyoyeon has been living in Songdo New City for 18 years and asked, “Why did you choose Songdo?”

Hyoyeon explained, “We used to live in Namdong-gu. The real estate agent suggested that Songdo would develop. My mother chose the house after seeing it. I was also born in Incheon.”

Lee Eun-ji added, “I was born in Incheon too, at Kim Man-seong Obstetrics and Gynecology in Yonghyeon Market,” to which Hyoyeon responded, “That’s amazing. I was also born there.” Lee Eun-ji joked, “We are all connected by the umbilical cords cut by Dr. Kim Man-seong.”

Kim Hee-sun chimed in, “I watch your dancing videos every day on Reels. I don’t think there’s any female idol who can keep up with your dancing.” Hyoyeon replied, “If you’re interested, I can teach you. I really wanted to meet you, Hee-sun unnie,” showing her admiration.

Lee Eun-ji asked, “When did you become a fan of Kim Hee-sun?” Hyoyeon answered, “A long time ago. Whether it’s now or then, she has this lovely aura that’s always the same.”

Lee Eun-ji praised Hyoyeon, saying, “What’s amazing about you is that you took on dance sports in ‘Dancing With the Stars Season 2,’ did waacking on ‘Hit the Stage,’ and mastered all dance genres.”

Hyoyeon reminisced, “I was really happy during ‘Hit the Stage’ because I could show all the genres I could do.”

Younghoon confessed, “When I was young, the only girl group I liked was Girls’ Generation. There was no other group, only Girls’ Generation.”

He asked, “When will Girls’ Generation come together again? Everyone is hoping for it.” Hyoyeon responded, “I’m curious too. I want it as well. It’s great that all the members are doing well in their respective fields, but aligning our schedules is hard since we’re all at different companies. I’m really grateful that SM brought us together last time.”



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