BTS’ V sends a supportive message to Go Min Si as new intern in tvN’s ‘Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2’

BTS‘s V left a video message for the new intern, Go Min Si.

On the June 28th episode of tvN‘s ‘Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2,’ fans got to see V‘s appearance before his enlistment.

With only 10 days left before enlisting, V shared, “I have a dream for when I come back. I want to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to be healthier in body and clearer in mind.”

PD Na Young Seok praised him, saying, “Your mindset is really good,” but Park Seo Joon responded realistically, “So I told him. That lasts just a month.”

V continued, “Still, I’m really looking forward to ‘Jinny’s Kitchen Season 2.’ I’m getting a new junior.” When asked to leave a video message for the new intern, V made everyone laugh by asking, “Can I fold my arms?”

V then said, “First of all, you can’t be slow. I hope you show a quick and energetic side that suits the youngest member. When I come back, I hope you’re used to it. I don’t know who you are, but see you then.”

Park Seo Joon looked at V fondly and said, “I wonder when this will be used.”



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