BTS Jin’s ‘The Astronaut’ Tops Shazam Japan Chart Again, Marking a Spectacular Comeback

BTS member Jin has once again reached the top spot on Shazam, the world’s largest music search platform in Japan, marking an impressive return as the ‘Shazam King’.

Jin‘s debut solo single, ‘The Astronaut’, reclaimed the #1 position on the Shazam Japan TOP200 chart on June 6th, just one day after previously topping it on April 5th. He regained the top spot on June 7th and held it until the 10th.

From June 21st to 25th, ‘The Astronaut’ maintained its #1 position for five consecutive days, totaling 333 days at the top, showcasing the enduring popularity of this global superstar.

Released on October 28, 2022, ‘The Astronaut’ is a song co-composed, written, and performed by Jin in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed band Coldplay, serving as a heartfelt gift to fans before his enlistment.

Upon its release, ‘The Astronaut’ achieved 100 million streams on Spotify in just 72 days, setting a record for the fastest K-pop solo song by a Korean male artist. As of June 27th, it has amassed 435,252,365 streams.

‘The Astronaut’ debuted on the Shazam ‘Global TOP 200’ chart and held the #1 position for a total of 129 days, surpassing the previous record of 102 days for ‘Your’s. This achievement solidified its status as the longest-running #1 K-pop solo song in history.

Jin remains the only K-pop solo artist with two songs reaching #1 on Shazam and holds a historic record of 60 consecutive days at the top, underscoring his global influence.



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