Seo In Guk Rises to Fame as ‘World Gay,’ Tarot Reading Predicts Success Comes True

Seo In Guk is making waves as a ‘World Gay’ after gaining attention from his appearance in K.Will‘s music video for “There’s No One Like Me,” and now, a tarot reading predicting his popularity is proving accurate.

On June 16th, Seo In Guk posted a video titled “Two Guys’ Happy Trip in Busan, Gyeongsang-do | Busan Trip, Karaoke Live, Drinking with Seo In Guk’s Beard” on his YouTube channel.

During the video, Seo In Guk received a tarot card reading where the fortune-teller commented, “Preparations are already complete. Confidence is still lacking, but there will be a lot of work coming in. It seems like something familiar to you, something you’ve known for a long time, and the opportunity is just around the corner.”

The fortune-teller continued, “Around next month, something specific will come your way. It seems like you’ll be overwhelmed with work. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in this work. They say you’ll become a star. It’s the Emperor card. You have the ability, and it will take you to the top. It says you can finally put an end to all the hardship you’ve been through. The end of suffering, the beginning of happiness. Things seem to be going well from now on.”

Meanwhile, on the 19th, Seo In Guk released a new single ‘SEO IN GUK,’ which includes the tracks ‘Out of Time’ and ‘Whatever with You.’

His heartfelt acting alongside Ahn Jae-hyun in K.Will’s “There’s No One Like Me” music video has garnered him significant domestic and international interest, earning him the nickname ‘World Gay.’



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