Jo Jung Suk Shares His Striking Transformation for ‘Pilot’: “Lost 7kg, Tried Acupressure and Lymphatic Massage”

Actor Jo Jung Suk has revealed the extraordinary steps he took to prepare for his role in ‘Pilot‘.

Pilot‘ is a comedy where Han Jung Woo (played by Jo Jung Suk), a former star pilot who suddenly loses his job, embarks on a successful comeback after a dramatic transformation.

This film marks Jo Jung Suk‘s return to the screen after six years since ‘Exit’, which was enjoyed by 9.42 million viewers in 2019.

Directed by Kim Han Gyeol, known for ‘The Most Ordinary Romance’, the movie promises a fresh take on comedy.

Jo Jung Suk shared insights into his physical preparation, stating, “I lost about 7kg. Since I appeared a bit chubby in my previous work, I needed to shed that weight.”

He elaborated, “I underwent a lot of acupressure and lymphatic drainage massages. I also followed a ‘low-carb’ diet plan. I told the costume team, ‘I’m determined to lose weight.’ That’s how I achieved this sharper jawline,” highlighting his dedication.

Reflecting on his role, Jo Jung Suk added, “Cross-dressing wasn’t easy. It was crucial for viewers who know me to accept this transformation naturally. Only then can they be captivated and immersed in the story.”

He humorously recalled, “During filming, there were moments where I questioned myself twice. Like, after a shower scene, I wondered if my hair looked wet in the mirror. It was indeed wet!”

Jo Jung Suk‘s commitment to his role in ‘Pilot‘ underscores his versatility and dedication as an actor, setting high expectations for his return to the big screen.



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