Jeon Do Yeon Wields a Gun in New Movie ‘Revolver’, Premiering this August

Jeon Do Yeon‘s new film ‘Revolver‘ is set to hit theaters soon.

Plus M Entertainment confirmed that ‘Revolver‘ will premiere on August 7th and released the first poster and trailer on the 26th. The movie tells the story of ‘Soo-young’, a former police officer who takes the blame for various crimes and goes to prison. After her release, she is determined to achieve a single goal.

Directed by Oh Seung-wook, known for his work on ‘The Shameless’ which was invited to Cannes, ‘Revolver’ is produced by Sanai Pictures, the studio behind hits like ‘New World’ and ‘Asura’. This is their second collaboration.

The first poster shows the tagline “Broken promise, single goal” and features a revolver hidden behind a back. It also highlights the intense faces of Jeon Do Yeon, Ji Chang Wook, and Lim Ji Yeon, creating a striking visual with their sharp gazes.

The trailer reveals the movie’s unique tone and mood, using vibrant colors and showcasing the intense emotions of the characters. It highlights the powerful performances of the actors.

Soo-young (Jeon Do Yeon) is a former police officer who, after taking the fall for corruption, finds out that everyone involved in the case, including Andy (Ji Chang Wook) who promised her money, has abandoned her. Left with nothing, she starts her relentless pursuit of the promised reward.

Along her journey, Yoon Sun (Lim Ji Yeon) appears, but it’s unclear if she is an ally or a spy, adding tension to the story.

Jeon Do Yeon, known for her incredible acting skills, plays Ha Soo-young, showing a new side of her character with quiet anger. Ji Chang Wook, famous for ‘Healer’ and ‘Suspicious Partner’, takes on the role of Andy, marking a bold change in his acting career.

Lim Ji Yeon, who gained global fame from ‘The Glory‘, plays the mysterious Jung Yoon-sun, bringing depth to her complex character.

Director Oh Seung-wook said, “We explored different ways of depicting characters and resolving issues. It’s a work filled with unique and strange fun,” raising expectations for his detailed direction.

Revolver‘ premieres on August 7th.

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